Biofeedback Devices


MCBiz Mood Card – Place finger on Black Stress Chip. Stress shows up as color change. They last for years! They can be used over and over and over again. Great for Marketing and Education. You can make your own custom business card. Just stick a standard Address Label, printed on your computer, on the back of the card. Call for information on customizing cards.

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Small, liquid crystal circles change colors as temperature changes. Use adhesive back to stick the Stress Point to tense areas. Inexpensive and unbreakable, 10 degree range from 79.6° F. to 89.6° F. Great handout at fairs, lectures and groups. Quantity of 100.

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Full color instruction card for interpreting the temperature color changes on Biodots. Two-sided business card 3.5 x 2 inches. Excellent training companion to the Biodots.

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Simply tape to end of finger. Uses non-toxic oil based liquid. No mercury. Measures full range of temperature from 60 to 98F. Excellent promotional piece. Call for information on customizing.

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Breath training. Use to practice diaphragmatic breathing. Measures volume of air inhaled.

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RESPeRATE Ultra is the only FDA-cleared, non-drug, medical device clinically proven to lower high blood pressure with no side effects. All the power of our original RESPeRATE in just half the size. RESPeRATE Ultra was designed with input from thousands of users. Featuring a large, enhanced display, fewer buttons and simple menus, this unit is a true pleasure to experience.

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