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18 Aug 2009 – Quantum Biofeedback – Is it really biofeedback?
26 Aug 2008 – The Importance of Home Training for Successful Biofeedback Training
15 Aug 2008 – Muscle Tension and Pain
03 Jun 2008 – Stress and Heart-Attacks
03 Sep 2007 – Stroke and Biofeedback
18 Jun 2007 – Healthier Hearts
05 Jan 2007 – Biofeedback & Stress Management for Students

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Biofeedback Bootcamp© Session
From Technostress to Technohealth
Temperature Biofeedback Practice Log Sheet (.doc format)
Temperature Biofeedback Practice Log Sheet (.pdf format)

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EMG Biofeedback for Tension Headaches
Temperature Biofeedback for Stress
Guide to Using Stress Cards
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