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KIDDIE QR – Elizabeth Stroebel

2 CDs: An imaginative and fun experiential stress management program, which is designed for children ages 3 plus through 9. The Kiddie QR is a life long skill for healthy control over the childs own thoughts, emotions, feelings, and physical reactions to distress. This skill carries over to family and peer interactions, to all areas of school performance, achievement, socialization, and self-esteem. The program contains two audio CDs for children with 16 stories in unique, safe, grounded adventures with visualization exercises.

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CD: No wonder its the worlds most popular stress management tape! Several distinct and different guided imagery and deep relaxation experiences teach powerful techniques for melting away stress and its symptoms. Learn to use progressive relaxation, autogenic self-suggestion, creative visualization and everyones favorite”A Trip to the Beach.” Dr. Millers relaxing voice, at its best here, is enhanced by a beautiful, especially composed score performed by famed musician Stephen Halpern. No healing library is complete without this one!

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It is so simple, graceful and feminine and expresses the beauty of Nature in a fascinating manner. Smile…. beautiful, fleeting and loving With a theme of Mother Earth, this is a Healing Sound Series that strike a chord in the origin of our lives. You will feel totally refreshed by listening to the gentle sound in a silent space.

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Sources of Life – Hawaii Marth Healing Music – Strings & Guitar – Music during your nap at a quiet beach in the early afternoon. Sounds of the guitar quietly overlapping the strings embrace your body so gently. This is an album which reminds you of tremendous landscapes of Nature such as the blue ocean and green-colored mountains under the brightly shining sun. Click more info for sound samples.

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Marth LULU

Peaceful Moment – Hawaii Marth Healing Music – Strings Orchestra – Good for Relaxation Music at Spas & Salons Comfortable sound of waves and birds are in tune with the gentle music played by the strings. The music will bring you peaceful and healing moment of a doze. Just like watching the sun setting when a day is passing by. There will be no interference as there is Nature Sound inserted between each song. Highly recommended as the music during various spa or esthetic treatments or medical treatments. Click more info for sound samples.

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Marth LANI

Holy Sky – Hawaii Marth Healing Music – Strings Orchestra – Good Sleeping. Inviting you to the dream world. LANI means the heaven or the sky in Hawaiian language. Holy Sky# Countless stars reflected on the surface of the silent sea extending endlessly at night. The stars truly heal our hearts. Deep sound of the strings instruments will heal yourself from a day’s fatigue and bring you a sound sleep. Click more info for sound samples.

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Gratitude – Hawaii Marth Healing Music – Strings & Chorus – Highly recommended for a souvenir from Hawaii. An album including children’s chorus reminds you of the pure and innocent heart. With its design of the flower in the paradise; hibiscus and sweet children songs which remind you of the home, this album will be good for the elderly as a regular or a sympathy gift. Click for sound samples.

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Gift of Love – Hawaii Marth Healing Music – Strings Orchestra – Why don’t you send the music to your loved one? Vivid image of the flower is so pretty and loving, and is a gift of love for the heart. Sweet and bitter, ephemeral love and great love to embrace all are here to heal your heart. This is also recommended as prenatal care music which nurtures a new life. Feel a peaceful flow of time listening to the maternity music. Click more info for sound samples.

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Flower Rainbow – Hawaii Marth Healing Music – Piano – For Your Elegant Afternoon Tea Time. Delicate sound of the piano sounds gentle to your heart. Hawaii is called a rainbow state where you see beautiful rainbows very often. This is a sound souvenir as a memory of the beautiful islands; HAWAI’I. Serve the music of flower rainbow with organic teas and tasteful desserts or during elegant afternoon tea time. Click more info for sound samples.

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Graceful Love – Hawaii Marth Healing Music – Strings Orchestra – With elegance, love and beauty. The music consists of romantic and elegant orchestration is highly recommended for mature women. Peaceful melodies will bring you a quiet moment and a dream world. Click more info for sound samples.

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